Pricing, Distribution & Plastic Bags…

Lockmaster Maps has always kept its map retail pricing at £4.99 as this is an attractive price for customers. Whilst some production/distribution costs have increased, for the foreseeable future we would like to keep this retail cost the same. Distribution Is now through Cordee which should make the ordering process much more simple along with ordering other well known waterways guide. Cordee offer a generous discount from RRP, however you may see a small (few pence) increase over your previous purchase prices for trade customers. I welcome any discussions on RRP if this needs to increase to off-set the small price increase.

I welcome your feedback on pricing and the new distribution route.

Plastic Bags

In the past, Lockmaster Maps have been supplied with plastic sleeves to help protect the maps, however this is not very environmentally friendly for production of the bags or disposal of the bags. Therefore in an attempt to reduce plastic waste and the overall carbon footprint, Lockmaster Maps as standard will now ship without plastic bags. However we do understand the reasons for needing plastic bags and therefore Cordee have setup two order codes for standard maps and bagged maps for each Lockmaster Map.

The RRP for a bagged Lockmaster Map will now be £5.49 – trade customers will get their usual % discount through Cordee.

This is a new idea and we need to see how this will work for trade customers and end customers – again both Cordee and Lockmaster Maps would welcome your feedback on this. please contact us here

Thanks again. All the best for 2019